YouTube Brings Photo Editing & Quizzes To Community Posts

YouTube Brings Photo Editing & Quizzes To Community Posts

YouTube is adding photo editing features and quizzes to the set of tools available to creators when crafting community posts.

How To Make Community Posts On YouTube (Desktop or Mobile)

Discover how to make YouTube community posts on desktop or mobile and discover the best practices for using the community tab to interact with your viewers. WATCH NEXT: How To Easily Translate Comments To English On Mobile

0:00 Benefits of YouTube Community Posts
0:18 How many subscribers do you need to make community posts?
0:24 What happens when you reach 500 subscribers on YouTube?
0:35 How to make a community post on your desktop
0:41 How to post a video on your community tab
1:10 How to schedule a post
1:19 How to post a poll on your community tab
1:38 POLL RESULTS: Do you have a community tab?
1:53 How to post an image on your community tab?
2:07 Where can you find community posts?
2:15 How to interact with community posts
2:21 How to report, choose “not interested” or don’t recommend posts from channel
2:28 How to view the community posts for any channel
2:32 Where do community posts appear on your phone?
2:45 How to make a community post on your phone
3:14 How to schedule a post from your phone
3:41 How to add a poll from your phone
3:56 How to share a video in a community post
4:11 How to share a playlist in a community post
4:39 How do you pin a comment on your community post?
5:11 How are viewers notified about community posts?
5:26 How to get notified about my community posts
5:36 POLL RESULTS: How DO YOU GET NOTIFIED of new community posts?
5:56 How do you track the performance of community posts in YouTube Analytics?
6:18 How do edit or delete a post?
6:22 How do you filter posts?
6:34 How do you see your post history?
6:45 The best ways to use community posts
7:03 How I use my community tab (Dennis Wright)
7:18 What type of community posts do viewers like best?
7:41 How do community posts affect the YouTube Algorithm?
7:56 How can you translate your comments into English?

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YouTube NEW FEATURE – Community Quiz Posts!

YouTube has launched new community quiz post feature in 2023! Check them out!

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