The Truth About Duplicate Content

The Truth About Duplicate Content

Don't let the shiny new content you worked so hard to produce become invisible. Here's the truth about duplicate content and how to solve it.

#38: The Truth about Duplicate Content

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Is Duplicate Content Bad For SEO (The Surprising TRUTH!) @TenTonOnline

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is duplicate content bad for seo

Contrary to what a lot of people in the world of SEO and content marketing believe, Google does not have a “duplicate content” penalty.

Instead, typically what happens is, if Google finds duplicate content online — a duplicate article or two or more web pages that are identical — then it’ll show the page that’s believed to be the “original”…

…or the page that Google thinks the content originated from. And while there are exceptions, usually any subsequent duplicate pages very often don’t rank. And this actually makes perfect sense. Remember, Google’s number one priority is to provide the best possible search results for it’s users.

So if we searched for something like “tasty cat treats” or “best classic muscle cars” or whatever and in the search results Google displayed the same blog posts or articles over and over again but from different websites…then as users of Google, that isn’t very helpful or useful to us, is it?

Instead of getting the same content showing up over and over, instead we’d want to see a variety of search results that we can scan through and decide which one looks like it might be the best fit for what we’re looking for, right?

Google knows this about it’s users of course, so that’s exactly what they do. So just know that you won’t face any penalty from Google if your website contains duplicate content…so long as it isn’t content that Google doesn’t deem as spam or blackhat or anything like that.


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Effects of Duplicate Content on SEO

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