Should You Use Nofollow, Sponsored, or UGC Links?

Should You Use Nofollow, Sponsored, or UGC Links?

Link attributes are needed for outbound links to adhere to country laws and Google guidelines. Learn when and how to use each one here.

Should You Nofollow Affiliate Links? | One More Cup of Coffee

Update From Google: More Comments:

Moving forward, I will nofollow and rel=sponsored affiliate links. It seems Google just wants an indicator of financial compensation. However, that being said, NONE of my sites were “hit” by this most recent update targeting link spam, probably because I don’t spam affiliate links. That being said, Google’s comments about rel=sponsored being a “nice to have” and that rel=nofollow is still sufficient, suggests that they expect some sort of markup.

The logic doesn’t make sense to me though. For the past 10 years, personally, I rarely nofollowed affiliate links. It was never an important part of my affiliate business strategy or SEO strategy.

This is a great example of how standard SEO advice is passed around without a lot of data to back up the claims. Links from Google engineer comments below.

Though there are some situations where I think nofollow might be useful, like if you are linking out multiple times to a single domain within a blog post, overall, this is low priority in terms of learning how to make money with your affiliate blog.

There are additional confusing and conflicting comments below from the same spokesperson from google, so it makes me think that either (1) nobody actually knows and they are just guessing too and (2) It doesn’t really matter unless you are spamming.

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