How Can Different Departments Avoid Keyword Cannibalization?

How Can Different Departments Avoid Keyword Cannibalization?

In this edition of Ask An SEO, a reader asks for help with SEO strategy where multiple departments want to rank for the same keywords.

How To Avoid Diluting Topical Relevance From Keyword Cannibalization Associated With Content & Siloi

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In episode 358 of our weekly Hump Day Hangouts (, one participant asked how to avoid diluting topical relevance from keyword cannibalization associated with content and siloing.

The exact question was:

I thought I understood the following then some guy that pronounces from the pulpit of YouTube said the opposite so I’m back at the altar of sooth to ask:For a lead gen site or a directory site I thought best SEO would come from having both pages AND blog posts which demonstrate recency and cause engagement. The opposite view was it’s best to have just pages with ideally skyscraper articles since the bump from having constantly updated content was overcome by not just the time devoted to blogging (which could be better spent on more “do one time last a long time” SEO activities) but also the risk that future blog posts dilute the SEO structure (eg. a blog about heating [kw] invariably might mention HVAC [another kw] that is the focus of another category/silo), or the risk that the blog posts quality tend to decline over time since you’re most focused when setting up the site and getting ranked in the first 60 days, or that once there are a number of blog posts each additional one brings incrementally less increase in topical relevance. Have you tested this? this simply a case of judging what is the best use of our time (blogging, building a new site, more social, etc)?

It seems like there are so many levels of SEO analysis one can apply to each blog post that one can go squirrelly writing and rewriting the post so I sort of see where the guy saying pages only was coming from.

Maybe there is different way to approach this. From a Marco frame of reference if Home is tier 0, Categories are tier 1 and so is Blog, how can we avoid the Blog from pulling trust and authority away from the category pages into the Blog if the blogs mention the category KW’s, even if those KW’s in each post are linked back to the relevant Category? Won’t the Blog only power up the Home tier and it’s primary KW?

It’s hard to see the line between thoughtful SEO and over-thinking this stuff…. My SEO sunglasses make me wonder and ask what actually is the value of a Blog category? If I create a piece of content why wouldn’t I just format it as an article and post it into the most relevant Category?

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Keyword Cannibalization – How To Find It & Fix It

Keyword cannibalization occurs when you have two or more pages on a website with similar keyword profiles.

Google doesn’t really want to list 2, 3, 4, or more of your website pages going down the organic search results. It wants to give people a variety of information on any given subject.

So, when you have multiple pages on your website with similar keyword profiles, ultimately your pages start to complete with one another… hence the term keyword cannibalization.

Your website pages essentially start to devour one another until they drop further and further down the search results page and eventually can disappear from Google’s index altogether.

So, it’s really important that you determine what pages of your website might be competing with other pages. Once you find keyword cannibalization occurring, you can fix it which will improve your overall rankings in the organic search results.

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How To Avoid Keyword Cannibalization Between Pages Of A Resorts Website?

In episode 249 of the weekly Hump Day Hangouts by Semantic Mastery (, one viewer asked to avoid keyword cannibalization between pages of a resorts website.

The exact question was:

Hi there: I have a resorts account, the problem: 3 hotels share keywords on the same domain (royal solaris cancun, gr caribe by solaris and gr solaris cancun in two languages: English and Spanish.) is a pain in the ass to rank them by mark as the client intend is there a way to avoid canibalization between pages?

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How to Find and Fix SEO Keyword Cannibalization Issues For FREE

Episode 219 – One of the biggest issues why your site might not be ranking is because multiple pages are ranking for the same keyword. In other words, keyword cannibalization. In today’s episode, I want to show you how you can find and fix keyword cannibalization issues for your website using Google Search Console. To get the details, listen on.

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