Google Ads Is Not For Small Business Anymore. Here’s Why.

Google Ads Is Not For Small Business Anymore. Here's Why.

Google gave small businesses the impression they will succeed if they just use the Google Ads platform. Learn why that may not be so anymore.

Do Google Ads Work | Will Google Ads Work for Small Business

DO GOOGLE ADS WORK AND WILL GOOGLE ADS WORK FOR SMALL BUSINESS? Well, we have an answer for you. Stay tuned.

Google Ads PPC ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator:
Google Ads Mistakes Checklist & Video:

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Avoid Google Ads – Don’t Use Google Ads Until You Watch This (How Google Ads Work)

Google Ads 101: What is it and how does it work? Here are the basics of one of the most powerful advertising platforms you can use.
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Avoid Google Ads – Don’t Use Google Ads Until You Watch This (How Google Ads Work)

Google AdWords Advertising: Pros and Cons

Are you wondering if Google Ads is right for you and your business?

You may be considering running Google ads campaigns to get more customers for your business.

There are a lot of conflicting articles out there whether why you should or should not use Google Ads. If you want to know if it’s right for you to use Google Ads, watch this video on how google adword works. You will learn what is Google Ads and how does it work.

I discuss mainly in this video the disadvantages of using Google AdWords for advertising your online business or ecommerce store.

First, what is Google Ads and how does it work? The Google Adwords advertising system allows advertisers and entrepreneurs to bid on select keywords for their clickable ads to appear on the Google search results page or on websites in the display network.

So if you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or start-up Google Adwords might be the right solution for you if you want to reach new customers online.

But, there are several reasons why you might want to reconsider due to the Google adwords disadvantages.

The first one you need to consider on starting your first Google ads campaign is your budget. Google Ads are fit for those who have big budget for advertising their business. If you can’t comfortably spend $1,500 a month on Google ads then you need to pursue a different marketing strategy.

One characteristics of Google Adsense campaign is that they are great for local services based business and products where people already know what they want to buy. If you have a longer sales process, Google Ads may not be for you.

When you advertise on Google Search you are targeting people who are ready to buy, which is why it’s so much more expensive than other advertising platforms.

Google makes more money from your ad campaign the more times your ad is clicked, so you have to be vigilant with your keywords.

There is so much more reasons why you should not opt for google ads so make sure to watch this video on pros and cons of google ads. If you decided that Google Adwords is for you, I have videos on google adwords for beginners to help you get started. I hope you learned in depth what is Google Ads and how does it work.

Be sure to keep watching Google Adwords editor tutorials just like this one and always be looking for ways to make changes in your account to test. This will help insure that you are successful with your Adwords Advertising in 2019 moving forward.

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This is Why Google Ads is NOT Working

This is Why Google Ads is NOT Working & why 60% of Google Ads campaigns fail!

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By the end of this video you are going to see the reason for why your Google Ads campaign is failing is because you are only focusing on 3 of the 5 important optimisation & strategy factors that you need to have in order to have profitable Google Ads campaigns.

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Benefits of Google Ads for Small Business – Is Adwords worth it?

Is Google Ads an Effective Solution for Small Business Owners? This is the Question We’ll Be Discussing Here. This Video Lists the Top 7 Benefits of Google Adwords as Well as Some of the Disadvantages of the Advertising Platform.

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